Public Safety

Public safety is a priority in every community, especially as budgets shrink and populations grow. We provide the data analytics, automated photo enforcement and other public safety solutions to make your streets and communities safer.

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For more than 20 years, we’ve supplied tools, tech and guidance to successful public safety programs in communities large and small. Our hardware, software and services work as one in helping public safety and transportation agencies improve operational efficiency, policing effectiveness and resident safety.

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Photo Enforcement Solutions

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DriveSafe™ Enforcement System

The Conduent DriveSafe™ Enforcement System can be customized to whatever you need in terms of both operations and safety. We supply the software, hardware and video analytics, plus handle operations so you have a single, accountable point of contact. While the road safety solution itself is complex, we make sure implementing and using it is simple.

Our photo enforcement systems include:

  • Red light enforcement

  • Fixed and mobile speed enforcement

  • School bus photo enforcement

  • Work zone and school zone speed enforcement

  • Bus-only lane, restricted lane and one-way enforcement

  • Railroad crossing enforcement

  • Over height enforcement

  • High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane enforcement

  • Low emissions zone enforcement

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Vehicle Passenger Detection System

Our Vehicle Passenger Detection System (VPDS) helps keep your HOT/HOV lanes moving by using video analytics to identify and document violators. VPDS is able to determine the number of occupants in a vehicle with more than 95% accuracy at speeds ranging from stop-and-go to 100 mph. Once the violator has been identified, a license plate recognition camera captures their plate number as evidence for enforcement.

Data Analytics Solutions

Conduent Business Intelligence System (CBI)

Our information discovery platform changes the way your organization operates by bridging the communication gaps between departments and agencies. You get easy access to data, including advanced features like visual data analytics, statistical modeling and prediction analysis capabilities.

Violations Processing Solutions

CiteWeb® Violations Processing System

CiteWeb® is our proprietary violations processing system for managing photo enforcement programs. It ensures data match, liability and certainty of enforcement, supporting every stage of the citation lifecycle, from accurate DMV acquisition and noticing to full adjudication disposition management.

It’s effective — our collection rate across programs is over 70% — and transparent, providing you with a clear history of every event, including read and edit touches.

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