Advancing the transportation landscape

Conduent Transportation has been helping transform the way the world travels for more than 50 years and continues to innovate, with 550+ global patents and 200+ clients.

We help our government transportation clients around the world to fight operational, environmental and accessibility challenges daily. 

 We deliver mission-critical mobility and payment solutions that automate, streamline and optimize transportation operations, to cut congestion and create safe, seamless journeys for everyone. 

Our Commitment

We help our clients overcome mission-critical challenges to achieve coveted goals, such as: 

  • Investing in smart cities to facilitate how people travel within and across cities. This is crucial to sustaining municipal growth and viability.   
  • Shrinking carbon footprints by embracing smarter components that help mitigate environmental impacts. 
  • Automating where possible using modern technologies and techniques to optimize existing infrastructure. This offers a best path forward to improve safety, reduce congestion, and responsibly manage scarce resources.  
  • Improving social equity and accessibility by delivering faster, safer, budget-friendlier travel experiences that reimagine transportation and mobility services.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is simple. We understand what makes each traveler’s journey unique. The patterns, similarities and structures form a roadmap of innovations that can help government transportation leaders move mobility forward. 

As a result, we stand ready, with unparalleled expertise, innovative technologies and our global reach to help you gain greater resilience, improve accessibility and achieve your most mission-critical goals. 

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