Photo Enforcement Solutions

We help state and local agencies leverage automated traffic enforcement systems cost-effectively and efficiently to help improve public safety for everyone on the road.

Automated traffic enforcement solutions

We provide comprehensive public safety program management, ticket processing, payment processing, and operational video analytics, along with a full range of photo enforcement capabilities that keep communities safe, from high-traffic highways to residential streets.

DriveSafe enforcement system

The Conduent DriveSafe Enforcement System is a turnkey violation management solution that takes the complexity out of implementing and managing your community public safety program. The DriveSafe Enforcement System delivers automated enforcement for red light, speed, block the box, illegal turn, restricted lane, and license plate recognition. We provide the software, hardware, and video analytics as well as manage back office operations, so you have a single, integrated photo enforcement system. 

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SureView detection system

The SureView Detection System helps transportation agencies enforce the rules of HOV/HOT/Express lanes by using advanced, automated detection capabilities to ensure drivers abide by the rules. By upholding the integrity of designated HOV/HOT lanes, agencies help provide better, safer travel experience for everyone on the road. SureView also frees up law enforcement for other duties, keepofficers, violators, and travelers out of harms way in high-speed environments, and reduces bias-related traffic incidents. 

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Conduent business intelligence system

Conduent Transportation’s Business Intelligence System is advanced analytics that delivers data-driven performance metrics to support holistic, automated public safety enforcement. Information is aggregated and shared among local, state, and federal decision makers for rapid, inexpensive data integration, analysis, and visualization, providing transparent visibility into public safety data, including statistical modeling and predictive analytics to modernize enforcement operations. Conduent Business Intelligence accurately identifies key trends, such as likely highcrime/event locations leveraging machine learning analytics.  

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