Curbside Management Solutions

We deliver intelligent curbside management solutions that modernize public sector parking programs and deliver greater convenience for drivers. Our solutions also help make city streets safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.


Conduent Transportation Curbside Management Solutions is now Trellint.

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Intelligent parking management solutions

Managing people, equipment, and the collection of fees simultaneouslcan be challenging. Agencies need a solution to direct resources with a clear view into back-office operations to better manage real-time inputs. By centralizing operational data from cameras, sensors, parking meters, apps, and other technologies, Conduent’s smart parking solutions simplify your parking operations and put the power of advanced analytics at your fingertips. Our parking management solutions enable clients to manage people, assets, and funds collected through a single, integrated portal. 

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Experts in curbside management

collected annually in parking citations​
citations managed end-to-end​
online payments processed each year​

Citation and permit administration solutions

We can help streamline customer service with clear, timely communications and flexible payment and hearing options. Drivers receive customized notices by mail, online and/or our PayTix® app, and can make payments through these channels, or over the phone. If an inaccurate citation is issued, an online ‘hearings’ tool makes challenging a ticket quick and easy for drivers. We also offer public web portals and application integration to help simplify applying for and renewing residential and guest parking permits.

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Enforcement solutions

Conduent’s CitySight® Enforcement suite provides an integrated, comprehensive set of applications to optimize parking enforcement efficiency and effectiveness, improve turnover, and promote accessibility and safety. CitySight uses license plate recognition and GIS-integration, so enforcement personnel can quickly and accurately issue citations. Integration with meter and pay-by-smartphone technology reduces  errors, while maps of areas where enforcement and turnover are most critical help limit the likelihood of predatory enforcement. Supervisors and managers also have access to real-time citation and route data, allowing them to quickly monitor performance and realign resources.

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Business intelligence and data analytics 

Conduent Merge® Curbside Management combines comprehensive curbside information in one place, managing critical integrations to help you implement policies that expand access, mitigate congestion, and make roads safer. We help you utilize parking data as a feedback loop, to manage the curb to reduce congestion, encourage safe mobility and promote accessibility, and make parking more convenient. We use data to implement qualitative performance metrics, track idling time, examine and enhance staff schedules, improve zone assignments, and recommend routes to promote fair and efficient parking enforcement.

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Dynamic pricing and occupancy management

Powered by a patented, award-winning algorithm that recommends the appropriate curbside rates (known as dynamic pricing) to shift demand to underutilized parking spaces, our Merge® platform helps lighten congestion, reduce distracted driving, and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. In Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., Merge has been used to manage curbside demand, improving access, and increasing turnover. Our open API provides real-time occupancy information and parking policies to a variety of apps and online tools, giving motorists information they need to plan and schedule their trips.

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Asset and resource management solutions

Integrating with smart parking assets allows us to provide valuable information to field personnel so they can isolate issues and prioritize tasks related to broken meters, meter bagging, and curbside closures. We also make it easier to manage complex, often competing systems by integrating data from disparate sources and vendors into a single platform to inform data-driven decision making. Our Merge curbside management system provides inventory control of networked assets such as cameras, sensors, meters, dynamic message signs and payment apps, communicating policy changes and monitoring performance.

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