Six Fundamentals of Automated Traffic Enforcement

Learn how automated traffic enforcement can help you improve public safety and reduce the potential for bias in enforcement ops  

Leading industry research indicates automated enforcement is effective to deter unsafe driving behavior, especially in scenarios that put people at risk of injury or death in traffic crashes. Rising traffic congestion, pollution, and continual budgetary shortfalls are driving transportation authorities to seek solutions that help to automate traditionally manual enforcement.

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  • In states that limit or disallow driver identification in camera-based enforcement, you can still ensure fair, equitable, and safe traffic enforcement
  • You can increase public support by tying automated enforcement to larger Vision Zero initiatives
  • Removing interactions with law enforcement personnel also reduces the potential for bias
  • Research supports the efficacy of camera-based enforcement, and the negative impact when these programs end.

With the right combination of tools and techniques, state and local agencies find automated traffic enforcement can cost-effectively and efficiently improve public safety, increase transparency and achieve your most coveted public safety improvement goals.