Fare Collection Solutions

With our automated fare collection solutions, municipal leaders can modernize transportation ticketing and payment options to make them more convenient, easier to use, and safer for residents and travelers alike.

Smart Ticketing Solutions for public transport

Public transit agencies strive daily to improve passenger services while reducing operating costs. Our fare collection solutions modernize transit ticketing and improve automation and interoperability at scale, to increase operational efficiencies, strengthen payment security, and modernize ticketing and payment options to make them more convenient, easier to use, and safer for riders. 

Hybrid smart ticketing

ATLAS® Ops payment platform is a hybrid-ticketing solution that supports both media-based and account-based models and can manage the widest range of media, including closed-loop smartcards, barcode tickets and contactless bank cards, or other electronic payment media. Our secure and open ATLAS platform offers the flexibility to keep pace with evolving technologies and application programming interfaces (APIs) and supports a full range of ticketing equipment and devices. ATLAS Ops ensures interoperability to meet the needs of various stakeholders, including transportation authorities, transit operators, service providers and travelers. 

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Open-loop smart ticketing

ATLAS Open Media payment platform is a complementary module to the ATLAS ticketing system. Based on certified and connected equipment, it enables agencies to accept multiple e-payment options, including bank cards and mobile payments as transport media. It provides a simple interface with the banking world and ensures risk management adapted to the network’s pricing choices. This capability offers an effective payment solution for occasional travelers. 

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Mobile ticketing

ATLAS natively integrates mobile ticketing applications as a transport payment medium through barcode and near-field communications/host card emulation (NFC/HCE) applications. Each application can also integrate additional functions, including sales, reloading, validation, passenger information and trip planning capabilities. 

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