Capturing Emerging MaaS Opportunities 

 Learn how Mobility as a Service (MaaS) can help you streamline multiple transportation options to make every traveler’s journey easier

Integrating multiple transport service types into a single mobility app or service accessible on-demand is a sought-after goal for transit agencies around the globe. Municipal authorities see obvious advantages to providing apps and services that link transportation options and make it easier for travelers to optimize every journey.

Download this eBook to learn about:

  • The methods civic leaders can use to help travelers get where they are going as efficiently and safely as possible
  • Tools and techniques that can help agencies consolidate and streamline transportation options
  • Digitally-powered transit capabilities that automate ticketing and enable contactless payments

Municipalities exploring or working to turn emerging MaaS visions into reality will find this eBook useful to understanding how MaaS can help you cost-effectively and efficiently modernize the universe of available transportation alternatives across your local region.