Curbside Management

We deliver intelligent curbside management systems that simplify your parking programs and deliver a convenient, painless experience for drivers.

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Over time, the use of the curbside has evolved beyond just parking.  With the introduction of new mobility models including on-demand transit as well as bike- and scooter-sharing services, city planners are looking at ways to better utilize this space.

Our solutions for efficient parking management enable cities to manage assets, revenue, and people all in one integrated portal. Using data science and best practices, we can help resolve congestion pricing and citation management challenges.

Citation & Permit Administration Solutions

Parking Citation Payments, Adjudication & Noticing

We can help streamline customer service with clear, timely communications and flexible hearing and payment options. Drivers receive customized notices by mail, online and/or our PayTix® app, and can also make payments through these same channels in addition to over the phone. If an erroneous citation is issued, online hearing tools make challenging the ticket quick and easy. We also offer public web portals and app integration to help simplify the application and renewal process for residential and guest parking permits.

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Payment Plans & Managed Receivables Collections

We manage an array of tailored parking ticket payment plans and automated debiting schedules, working with a host of collections experts and leveraging a competitive model to place debt, gauge performance and measure customer satisfaction.

Virtual Permits

Switching to an all-electronic, virtual permit system reduces the substantial costs and risk of fraud associated with physical parking permits. We skip the tags and passes, using our License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to provide real-time access to your active permit database and eliminate the need for officers to manually check permits. The ability to instantly double-check plate numbers and relay data to enforcement personnel reduces the number of citations issued in error, making the customer experience effortless.

Enforcement Solutions

Mobile Citation Software & Management

Our CitySight® Enforcement platform uses license plate recognition and GIS-integration to allow enforcement personnel to quickly and accurately issue citations. Integration with meter and pay-by-cellphone technology reduces the likelihood of errors, while maps of areas where enforcement and turnover is most critical help limit the likelihood of predatory enforcement. Supervisors and managers also have access to real-time citation and route data, allowing them to quickly monitor performance and realign resources.

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Automated License Plate Recognition System

Our Automated License Plate Recognition System helps simplify and improve parking enforcement. After scanning a plate, it connects to host systems to validate permits and payment, then relays any actionable data to enforcement personnel in the field.

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Intelligent Resource Management, Scheduling, & Enforcement Guidance

Our patent-pending, predictive enforcement routing platform uses real-time and historical data to improve citation issuance. Our solution provides enforcement officers with the probability of citations on specific blocks and routes so they can focus their efforts in the right places.

Asset & Resource Management Solutions

Asset Maintenance

Integrating with smart parking assets allows us to provide important information to field staff. Broken meters are placed on mechanic itineraries, so they can view, resolve and report ongoing actions in real time via mobile device. Customers can request curbside closures using our public way permitting portal, and our Merge® Curbside Management platform automatically provides meter-bagging instructions to field personnel.

Asset Inventory

We make it easier to manage complex, often competing systems by integrating data from disparate sources and vendors into a single platform to inform data-driven decision-making. Our Merge® Curbside Management system provides inventory control of networked assets like cameras, sensors, meters, dynamic message signs and payment apps, communicating changes in policies and monitoring performance.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Solutions

Curbside Mapping, Data Visualization, Performance Metrics, & Dashboards

We use data to implement qualitative performance metrics, track inert time, examine and enhance staff schedules, improve zone assignments and recommend routes to promote fair and efficient parking enforcement. Our data scientists treat parking as a feedback loop, helping cities manage the curb to reduce congestion, encourage safe mobility and promote accessibility by making parking more convenient.

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Curbside Demand Management Solutions

Dynamic Pricing

Powered by a patented, award-winning algorithm that recommends the appropriate curbside rates to shift demand to underutilized parking spaces, our Merge® Curbside Management platform helps lighten congestion, reduce distracted driving and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. In Los Angeles and Washington, DC, Merge® has been critical in managing curbside demand, improving access and increasing turnover. Our open API provides real-time occupancy and parking policies to a variety of apps and online tools, giving motorists the information they need to plan and schedule their trips.

Predictive Occupancy Detection

Occupancy detection doesn’t need to be expensive. We use temporal and spatial sampling to help understand curbside use, leveraging data proxies to help predict occupancy and provide guidance to motorists. By reducing the number of necessary sensors, cameras and communications infrastructure, we also help ensure your demand management program is sustainable.

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