Optimizing Curbside Management with Demand-based Pricing

Learn how demand-based pricing can help you reimagine curb use, reduce congestion on city streets and make it easier for drivers to find parking

Cities are examining new ways to use and manage available curb space, especially as demand rises for limited parking on city streets. Advanced analytics, data science, algorithms and machine learning can be combined to help them keep pace with a wide range of municipal parking demands. At the same time, motorists can find a parking spot quicker, there’s less congestion, fewer distractions, a lower likelihood of injury or harm to pedestrians and bicyclists, along with fewer altercations.

Download this eBook to learn about:  

  • Tools parking managers should use to help them price parking appropriately
  • Techniques that can help to alleviate parking congestion at high-demand meters
  • Caveats that can hinder the success of your municipal parking initiatives

This eBook can help you better understand the key fundamentals that drive the success of demand-based pricing, to help you cost-effectively and efficiently modernize parking operations across your local region.

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