Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Conduent Transportation provides a suite of intelligent mobility solutions designed to help transit authorities aggregate, manage and share the universe of transportation options available in cities and across municipal regions.

Aggregate, manage and share transportation options

Conduent Transportation’s intelligent mobility services and solutions provide a comprehensive platform that can help transit authorities facilitate access to multiple modes of transportation that can make every traveler’s journey easier, faster and safer.

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MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

Conduent Transportation deploys digitally powered transit solutions that automate ticketing and contactless payments.  We provide multiple solutions to help municipalities turn their emerging MaaS visions into reality, including:

Conduent Transportation installs necessary components and works with local public and private sector providers to help facilitate the integration municipal leaders need to implement and deploy MaaS solutions for the communities they serve.

Mobility companion platform

Mobility Companion Platform (MCP) provides a common tool for transit authorities that aggregate, manage and share the universe of transportation options available in their areas. MCP services make it easy for people to choose among different transportation options according to their profile and preferences. Travelers can plan and book their journey, purchase their ticket, and stay informed through a single entry point, regardless of the number of different modes of transportation and transit operators.

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Advanced analytics

Mobility Analytics Platform (MAP) Mobility Analytics Platform – provides travel data analysis and modelling tools designed to improve local public transit services. MAP generates a city-wide view of transportation operations such as adherence to schedules, origin-destination patterns and passenger-loading. Using data analytics algorithms and visualization, MAP can generate historical representations of flows (maps or graphs), analyze user profiles and behavior models, and can simulate fare, route and frequency changes – all to help agencies improve transit service efficiency. MAP gives transit operators the keys to improving quality, lowering costs and improving accessibility for riders. The insights transit leaders gather can be used to embrace and deploy ‘smarter’ mobility services to improve transportation across cities and regions.

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Fleet management and passenger information

ATLAS® Fleet Management and Passenger Information offers public transport operators a centralized solution for vehicle fleets to help them improve service quality and keep passengers continuously informed in real time. Control room operators can track the precise position and status of every vehicle and communicate with drivers to assess situations and take appropriate action in the event of a disruption. Thanks to powerful predictive analytics algorithms, ATLAS® Fleet Management and Passenger Information provides accurate information to riders about wait times at stops and stations, improving each transit rider’s experience 

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