From flexible passenger payment and intelligent transportation systems to CAD/AVL solutions, we make transit safer, faster and more reliable.

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For today’s travelers, we help make journeys more personalized and convenient while increasing capacity and profitability for authorities and agencies. We combine the latest in fare collection, intelligent mobility and CAD/AVL technology so that you can get the added efficiency of having a single point of contact for all your transit solutions. See how our 50 years of experience has improved transit in 27 countries around the world.

Fare Collection & Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Seamless® Transportation System

Our universal mobile payment system is simple and secure, and improves the commuter experience by making fare collection fast, flexible and more convenient. Users are able to use their Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones on trains, buses, trams — any mode of transportation equipped with Seamless® tags. The system is compatible with all mobile phone operators and offers the same security guarantees as conventional contactless ticketing.

Our Seamless® Transportation System is highly interoperable and built on a modular e-ticketing platform, making it easy to integrate new technology as needs change and your business continues to grow.

Mobile Analytics Platform (MAP)

Every day, millions of commuters buy and use tickets, creating massive amounts of data around daily transportation habits. We offer an analytics platform that quickly and accurately analyzes this anonymous data and displays the information through intuitive, user-friendly graphics, making it easier for transport and parking operators to better understand and predict commuter needs.

Mobility Companion Platform (MCP)

This platform aggregates various inputs and calculates the many options for getting from point A to point B based on traveler goals and preferences. While improving the user experience, MCP also provides your organization with a wealth of data and analytical insights collected by the app.

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Mobile Ticketing

Using open payment technology, we deliver faster, safer, more convenient payment alternatives for public transit. Riders are able to skip the ticket lines and pay instantly with electronic wallets and contactless bank cards, while agencies are able to add flexibility to fare policy and significantly reduce costs.

CAD/AVL Solutions

Mobile Supervisor

Using a tablet, smart phone, or laptop, field staff and support personnel have access to many of the same features that dispatchers do, such as incident and performance management; two-way communication with vehicle, dispatch, and other system users; creation of detours; and map views of vehicle locations with turn-by-turn directions. This solution allows field supervisors effectively respond to incidents, road calls, and services issues while in the field to provide riders with a faster, more reliable transportation experience.

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Incident Corrective Tools

Agencies unable to quickly bounce back from travel disruptions end up losing ridership and money — not to mention the trust of their customers. Our Incident Corrective Tools help riders access the most up-to-date travel information so they can quickly adjust their travel plans. Real-time displays provide vehicle locations, map-based detours, decision-making support and support General Transit Feeds (GTFs).

Business Intelligence Tools

Some travel disruptions can be prevented with insightful awareness and ample time to execute route changes. Our web-based visual dashboard delivers real-time fleet data to provide decision-making support before delays happen, delivering a more reliable, timely and pleasant experience for riders.

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Traveler Information Systems

Delivering a reliable, enjoyable transportation experience requires riders to be in the know and in control. We provide real-time transit feed updates so riders can access bus locations and service updates from the convenience of their phones.

Yard Management

Coordinating maintenance actions and tracking assets in the yard are crucial in getting them back in action and generating revenue. Yard Management is customer-driven and field-proven, providing a visualization of the vehicles in the yard for efficient management from pull-in to pull-out.

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Vehicle Information Hub and Display

Most disruptions in transportation involve in-service vehicles in the field. Our Vehicle Information Hub and Display monitors and reports on vehicle location in real-time to enhance safety and keep routes running on time. Location data is sent to a reporting control center where it’s consolidated with other vehicle data into a single report for managers, while riders see clear signs and hear vocal announcements delivering onboard travel updates.

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Vehicle Health Monitors

We can help you leverage sensor and maintenance data to better predict the health, faults, service and remaining useful life of equipment for optimized performance and operational efficiency.