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We deliver mission-critical transportation and payment solutions that automate, streamline, and optimize operations, to help municipal leaders cut congestion and create safer, seamless journeys for everyone.

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Our government transportation clients fight operational, environmental and accessibility challenges daily. Innovative technological advances and transportation improvements are bringing new opportunities for government agencies, transportation authorities, and technology providers to collaborate to deliver faster, easier, less costly, and more convenient journeys for everyone.

Our government clients know they must: 


Our government clients know they must:

Invest in smart cities 

Facilitating how people travel within and across cities is crucial to sustaining municipal growth and viability. Transportation agencies are evaluating investments in infrastructure, technology, and customer experiences  

Shrink carbon footprints 

Cities are embracing smarter components that help mitigate environmental impacts, including making it easier and more convenient to use public transit, and deploying ready-to-go solutions to help enforce clean air zones. 

Automate where possible 

Agencies are leveraging innovative technologies and techniques to optimize existing infrastructure, delivering the best path forward to improve safety, reduce congestion, and responsibly manage scarce resources  

Increase affordability and accessibility 

Smart cities are working to deliver faster, safer, budget friendlier travel experiences that reimagine transportation and mobility services  

Conduent partners with transportation agencies to:

  • Leverage smart city innovations to streamline how people move within and across cities and regions 
  • Embrace modern technologies to mitigate ecological impacts and shrink their carbon footprint 
  • Increase public safety, reduce congestion and responsibly manage scarce resources 
  • Improve accessibility to make every journey easier, faster, safer, and affordable 

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