Urban Congestion Management

Conduent Transportation’s urban congestion management solutions take a holistic, multimodal approach to helping municipalities lower traffic congestion, decrease environmental impacts, maintain sustainable funding, and improve public safety.

The future of urban congestion management

As cities and regions face increased traffic congestion and ongoing budgetary shortfalls, new tolling techniques can help combat these challenges. Conduent Transportation leads the industry in providing solutions for congestion pricing, a technique used to charge fees that dynamically fluctuate depending on the degree of congestion in a city or on a regional highway. As an alternative to tolls that offer a flat fee, congestion pricing techniques encourage drivers to consider alternate transportation methods during peak congestion periods.

Comprehensive congestion management solution

We believe the future of traffic management requires more than congestion pricing. It calls for a comprehensive congestion management solution, one that takes a holistic, multimodal approach to tolling. Agencies must also consider transit connections, curbside management, public safety enforcement, and how automated vehicles will change transportation in the years to come.

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Dynamic mobility solutions

Our Dynamic Mobility Solutions work together to reduce traffic and gridlock in cities and regions, improving mobility for constituents. We have the only solution that combines road usage charging, curbside management, transit, and violation processing in a single mobility solution, depending on customer needs and requirements. We integrate human-centric design, dynamic pricing, advanced imaging, and platforms that can stream data from multiple sources to create the most advanced congestion management programs for your city or region. Use of multiple charging techniques (cordon, zonal, and road usage) and pricing techniques (dynamic, timeofday, variable), encourage drivers to take alternative routes or opt for other public transit options to help reduce congestion on primary roads and make cities better places to live and work. 

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SureView detection system

Automating HOV/HOT lane enforcement offers a safer, more efficient means of managing and monitoring designated lanes for proper use by providing data required as evidence of a violation, without endangering travelers and law enforcement officers as vehicles move by at high speeds. Building on years of experience in advanced video analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, the Conduent SureView detection system helps transportation agencies enforce the rules of HOV/HOT express lanes by using advanced, automated detection capabilities to ensure drivers abide by the rules. By upholding the integrity of designated HOV/HOT lanes, agencies also help provide a better, safer travel experience for everyone.   

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Automate license plate recognition

While most vehicles traveling on toll roads use a transponder, others may not. Without a way to identify each vehicle on toll roads, tolling agencies lose revenue that could be used for infrastructure and other transportation projects, which is why Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is an essential component of any toll collection program. Conduent Automated License Plate Recognition has been awarded 19 patents for the use of computer vision and machine learning algorithms to provide extremely accurate optical character recognition (OCR), which can detect differently designed license plates from various statesand in varying lighting conditions. 

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Tolling back office solutions

Tolling Business Intelligence  

Our Tolling Insights Solution provides Conduent customers with a fully integrated, cloud-based account management and video processing solution that can handle all back office functions of congestion management processing including omnichannel contact center communications for customer service representatives, electronic tolling video and invoicing, license plate recognition (LPR) image processing, case management, data storage, financial reporting and analytics, and performance monitoring of the management system. By combining electronic toll collection and intelligent transportation system technologies, we have created a best-in-class traffic management system with configurable business rules and parameter-driven functionality.

Customer Care Services 

Our customer care services were built using a simplified graphical user interface (GUI) and workflows developed in partnership with user experience experts and designed to provide customer service representatives (CSRs) a quick and straightforward way to access key transactions. Processes are streamlined to increase ease of use and productivity, for more consistent and professional interactions with each user.

 Transaction Management 

Our transaction management includes a high throughput transaction processing engine, Business Rule Engine (InRule), and use of GAAP-compliant Dynamics Finance package for reconciliation.

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