Digital Payment Solutions
for Tolling

Delivering simplicity, speed and security for tolling payments

Tolling agencies strive to collect payments quickly and efficiently to maximize revenues, reduce costs and provide exceptional experiences for the consumers who depend on them. But every year, agencies stand to lose millions from unpaid tolls and administrative costs associated with collecting payments.

Conduent’s Digital Payment Solutions for Tolling provide modern payment options and capabilities that simplify payment processes while helping to reduce costs, provide better consumer experiences, and deliver more secure transactions.

Digital Payment Solutions for Tolling overview

Benefits for tolling agencies

  • Increased revenue predictability and speed of payment

  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction and faster journeys

  • Lower costs and improved cashflow throughout operations

Benefits for consumers

  • Greater convenience and control over payments

  • Increased transparency into payment processes

  • Secure transactions that protect consumer financial information

Leveraging Conduent’s Digital Integrated Payments Hub, our Digital Payment Solutions for Tolling enable simplified electronic payments through simple APIs to improve operational efficiency while accelerating and securing the digital payments process.

Tolling process

To learn more about how our Digital Payment Solutions for Tolling can help simplify, speed and secure transactions for your agency and consumers, contact us at

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