Distance-based Tolling Solutions

We provide government transportation agencies with the opportunity to migrate away from traditional gas taxes to more sustainable and equitable funding.

Overcome highway funding challenges

State government agencies face deteriorating infrastructure and declining transportation revenue to help maintain roads and associated infrastructure. Conduent Transportation’s mileage-based user fee solutions can help state agencies move to a vehicle mileage tax (VMT) model instead, using distance traveled as a mechanism for charging drivers for their use of state roads 

Conduent brings 30 years of electronic toll collection (ETC) expertise and 50 years of transportation industry experience to the tolling challenges federal, state, and local transportation agencies faceas well as travelers and the communities served. We stand ready to assist government transportation agency clients as they strive to overcome their most daunting highway funding challenges and make roads safer for everyone.  

Vehicle qualification

Our on-road technology enables us to accurately measure and record mileage traveled for all types of vehicles, specifically counting the number of axles on every vehicleand to detect electric cars as they enter and exit service roads, highways, and toll roads using our technology or customer infrastructure. 

Distance-based business intelligence

Understanding vehicle distance patterns helps transportation agencies anticipate the need and timing for infrastructure repairs on specific roads and highways. Because we gather continuous data on the use of electronic vehicles, agencies can track trends associated with planning electric car charging stations on major thoroughfares and across cities.  

Customer care services

Our customer care services were built using a simplified graphical user interface (GUI) and workflows developed in partnership with user experience experts and designed to provide customer service representatives (CSRs) with a quick and straightforward way to access key transactions. Processes are streamlined to increase ease of use and productivity, for more consistent and professional interactions with each user. 

Transaction management

Our transaction management includes a high throughput transaction processing engine, Business Rules Engine (InRule), and use of GAAP-compliant Dynamics Finance package for reconciliation. 

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