Advanced Analytics Solutions

We help agencies quickly and affordably integrate and analyze data from disparate sources, generating intuitive dashboards with actionable insights designed to help public safety managers optimize operations and enhance public safety.


Conduent Transportation Public Safety Solutions is now Elovate.

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Rich analytics for informed decision-making

Having access to real-time and historical data is critical for informed decision-making, but often agencies don’t have the data-rich information at their fingertips. Conduent’s Business Intelligence system (CBI) closes the information gap by providing agencies access to public safety data, quickly and easily, from anywhere. Using CBI, agencies can collect critical information that can be aggregated and shared among key decision makers at the local, state, and national level. This offers transportation authorities rapid and cost-effective data integration, analysis, and visualization capabilities.

Conduent Business Intelligence

Conduent Transportation’s Business Intelligence system (CBI) delivers data-driven performance metrics to support holistic, automated public safety enforcement. Information is aggregated and shared among local, state, and federal decision makers for rapid, inexpensive data integration, analysis, and visualization. CBI provides transparent visibility into public safety data, including statistical modeling and predictive analytics to modernize enforcement operations. Conduent Business Intelligence accurately identifies key trends, such as likely high-crime event locations, using machine learning analytics.

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