Smart Mobility: How Data Can Improve Rider Experiences

Three paths to improving accessibility and enhancing transit systems

Transit agencies around the world are struggling to modernize their riders’ journeys while generating sustainable funding. Common barriers include antiquated ticketing processes, unpredictable vehicle occupancy rates, and difficulty building modern rider experiences around mobile technology.

Our latest eBook, Smart Mobility: How Data Can Improve Rider Experiences, shows how transit agencies can apply emerging technologies, including Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), to enhance efficiency and safety throughout rider journeys.

We outline three fundamental avenues to modernizing mobility:

  1. Interconnect riders, ticketing machines, schedules, and transit fleets: Harness the power of data analytics to create and support efficient transit systems.
  2. Manage vehicle occupancy in real time: Discover how automatic passenger counting systems help municipal transit authorities optimize passenger capacity and accommodate passenger demands.
  3. Deploy contactless ticketing: See why contactless payments and ticketing systems are often less expensive to manage, and how they can help free transit authorities to focus on customer service and rider experiences beyond just ticketing transactions.