Five Elements of Automated Bus Lane Enforcement

Learn how bus lane enforcement can help increase public transit ridership and shrink your city’s carbon footprint

Dedicated bus lanes are increasingly important to public sector transit agencies, especially in larger, densely populated urban areas. Making bus services hyper-reliable and efficient is crucial to public transit agencies, as bus ridership has declined in many cities, especially across the U.S.

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  • Dedicated bus lanes can help state and local transit agencies increase public transit ridership
  • Automated bus lane enforcement can improve efficiency and on-time performance to attract riders Enforcement can be relatively easy and cost-effective to implement
  • Dedicated bus lanes can make bus travel across cities more appealing to commuters and tourists alike
  • To help more people shrink their carbon footprints by getting them out of cars, reducing congestion, and delivering them swiftly, economically and on-time to their destinations

Download this eBook to better understand how and why automated bus lane enforcement works to achieve your agency’s public transit goals.

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