Curbside Enforcement Solutions

Our CitySight® integrated application suite helps agencies optimize parking enforcement, increase efficiency and turnover, and promote safety and accessibility.


Conduent Transportation Curbside Management Solutions is now Trellint.

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Optimize parking enforcement efficiency

CitySight can help municipal leaders optimize parking enforcement efficiency to help city leaders mitigate pollution and congestion, promote public safety and increase accessibility. 

Mobile citation software and management

Our CitySight platform uses license plate recognition and geographic information system (GIS) integration to help enforcement personnel quickly and accurately issue citations. Integration with parking meters and pay-by-cellphone technology reduces the likelihood of errors, while area maps can focus resources where enforcement and turnover are crucial, to limit the likelihood of predatory enforcement. Supervisors and managers also have access to real-time citation and route data, to help them monitor performance and realign resources as needed. 

 In addition to citations, CitySight enables enforcement personnel to easily search for scofflaws and permit holders, review previously issued violations, capture meter information, and locate signage or curb issues, record non-issuance related notes, change duty statuses, beats, squads or shifts, all while communicating in real-time with back-office enforcement operations systems. 

Our intuitive mobile citation issuance application automates citation issuance. It can be programmed with client-specific parking enforcement officer “smart” lists, violations, fine amounts, locations, meters, and the status of various duties. Users can easily navigate tabs to enter license plate, vehicle, violation, and location information. 

The CitySight Enforcement Productivity Manager dashboard supports enforcement staff, providing a view of overall program performance, down to the squad or enforcement team level. CitySight provides real-time views into citations, issue rates, GAPs, time worked, patrol, and service for all enforcement personnel.

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Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system integration

Conduent® Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) builds on our core competencies in the areas of device and personalized imaging, machine learning and data processing. We provide robust and high-accuracy levels for all automated license plate recognition applications including access control, parking services, and virtual permitting. 

Conduent Merge® Curbside Management

Conduent Merge Curbside Management helps parking authorities manage people, field equipment, and revenue– all from one integrated portal presenting information in a GIS format. Merge provides productivity reports across groups of technicians and per individual, including the number of repairs completed per day, the average repairs per month, and the average time spent on repairs.  

With a dashboard view of your entire parking operation, and reports you can run on the fly, managing parking resources becomes easy. By reallocating parking enforcement staff to high-incident areas where they’re needed most, you can focus your city’s limited enforcement resources where they are needed most. 

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