Curbside Demand Management

Reduce the costs of infrastructure and communications leveraging data and analytics on our Merge® platform.


Conduent Transportation Curbside Management Solutions is now Trellint.

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A 360-degree view of your parking operation

“We are what we measure,” and Conduent Transportation works with clients to identify key performance metrics, including operational measures, system availability, and other critical aspects of a program. 

Occupancy detection and prediction

Merge provides aggregated data visualizations through extensive data integration, providing critical insights into revenue, occupancy, demand, turnover, and stay durations. Our platform ensures users can observe system utilization, maintenance and collections status, enforcement requirements, and financial performance.  

We’ve worked on some of the largest sensing installation projects—including the use of partial and full in-ground sensor coverage, portable cameras, fixed CCTV, ANPR, paid use, and historical citation issuance—and understand the various infrastructure challenges and the limits of data proxies for predictive analytics. Our sustainable solutions help to drastically reduce the costs of infrastructure and communications using temporal and spatial sampling and algorithms to optimize the placement of assets. 

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Automate dynamic pricing with Merge

Parking is a scarce resource, especially curbside. As a result, motorists circle continually for an available space – exacerbating traffic and air pollution. The goal is to redistribute parking demand across various street faces in the vicinity to maximize occupancy in low demand areas while creating available parking spaces on the congested ones. By varying rates by location and time of day, you can create availability in high-traffic area. Those vacancies reduce the time spent searching for on-street parking and ensure that motorists are drawn to businesses served by parking payment options.  Merge supports the evaluation of occupancy trends on each street face and calculates optimal parking rates within the town’s specified constraints.  

The platform uses proprietary machine learning to take the guesswork out of setting and adjusting rates, hours of operation, and other pay and display policies as frequently as necessary to effectively communicate occupancy and manage demand.  

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