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Conduent Transportation Curbside Management Solutions is now Trellint.

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End-to-end citation and permit administration

Our solutions seamlessly support every aspect of the parking citation and permit administration lifecycle, making it easier for agencies to manage and report on citations processing and permit administration. We have successfully integrated with a host of municipal permitting solutions, and we can offer you proven implementation strategy that reduces risk, improves customer service and permit and city sticker revenue, and provides a path for continued innovation.  

Parking citation processing: payments, adjudication and noticing

Parking enforcement is critical to manage curbside supply, reduce congestion and distracted driving, and improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Conduent Transportation can help your city or agency reach its goals. Our eTIMS solution ensures accurate issuance, extensive DMV integration, prompt and tailored noticing, hearing and cashiering functionality and interfaces, and boot and tow support to meet each of your requirements.

  • Citation issuance, upload
  • Database management
  • Name and address acquisition
  • Account creation and noticing
  • Customer service
  • Hearing support
  • Boot tow and impound support
  • Payment plans
  • Cashiering payment portal
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Payment plans and managed receivables collections

Using our CiteWeb® violations processing solutiondrivers can set up convenient payment plans online as a self-service option, without needing to engage a customer service representative. When citations become past-due, our managed receivables collections service sends overdue payment or non-payment of citations to drivers. 

Virtual permits

Automated your permitting process and eliminate the need for residents to purchase permits in person. With our virtual permitting systems, users can purchase and manage their own permits online, for example, if they purchase a new car or need visitor permits. The system allows officers to look up permits on the spot on a tablet or laptop computer or check whether vehicles are legally parked. 

Fleet management, virtual permits and other applications

Our MERGE® system simplifies the management of fleet permits, including allowing or denying individual vehicle access to restricted areas such as loading docks. Vehicle access is checked at point of entry using LPR that compares vehicle tags to a white list 

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Non-parking violation processing

Agencies, for example county courts and law enforcement, can automate and connect systems electronically to share files, streamlining the handling of non-parking violations misdemeanors and eliminating a fair share of manual work.

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