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We capture and analyze information about parking and curbside use to help municipal leaders optimize curbside management and make parking more convenient for drivers


Conduent Transportation Curbside Management Solutions is now Trellint.

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Optimize curbside management

Municipal transportation authorities are seeing a resurgence of congestion on city streets. And as parking demand returns, drivers face difficulties to easily locate spots and park their vehicles. Cities must rethink and revisit prior curbside assumptions and priorities. And doing so requires collecting and sifting through an enormous amount of parking and curbside use information.  

Award-winning parking demand management

Conduent Merge® Curbside Management integrated parking demand management system helps transportation authorities manage personnel, assets in the field, and maintain sustainable funding from a single, integrated portal that presents information in an easily recognizable geographic information system (GIS) format. Flexible and scalable enough to grow as your city’s needs evolve, Merge combines all curbside use information in one place, managing critical integrations to help you introduce or enhance policies that will expand access, mitigate congestion, and make roads safer.  

Our clients have garnered numerous awards by using Merge, which is widely recognized as the industry’s leading curbside management integration solution. Merge’s lean data collection methodologies and patented pricing algorithms have help city leaders to change driver behavior, reduce congestion, and increase public safety.  

Curbside mapping

Merge captures and makes sense of a wide variety of data, empowering transportation professionals to make smarter decisions about curb use. Merge allows city leaders to deploy dynamic curbside policies that are better aligned with your region’s unique needs and requirements, including curbside demands that aid in improving health, increasing safety and optimizing ease of access for everyone.  

Data visualizations

Using advanced analytics, we curate data for our clients, helping them extract valuable insights to fuel policy decisionsMerge provides a user-friendly experience, utilizing GIS and color-coded iconography to easily understand parking occupancy, payments, turnover, and all types of curbside operations. 

Performance metrics

Conduent Transportation’s data scientists deploy qualitative performance metrics, track inert time, examine and enhance staff schedules, improve zone assignments, and recommend routes to promote fair and efficient parking enforcementThese metrics are considered crucial to help city leaders make smarter, data-driven decisions.  

Recommendations and dashboards

Using Merge, agencies can glean insights about every aspect of curbside operations to better understand and drive specific policy recommendations about every area of curbside operations, including meters, apps, parking lots, garages, occupancy and wayfinding, micro-mobility, enforcement, loading zones and vehicle permissions. Merge reports may be generated automatically, and custom reports can be created to meet your specific reporting requirements.  

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