Asset and Resource Management Solutions

Automate resource allocation, meter collection and maintenance checks using Conduent’s Merge® Curbside Management Platform


Conduent Transportation Curbside Management Solutions is now Trellint.

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Save time and boost productivity

Manage your city’s curbside inventoryfrom parking meters to dynamic message signs and payment appsusing a single, integrated platform. We reduce the time transportation professionals spend on finding information, trimming operational costs, and boosting productivity, by automatically collecting and disseminating performance data, revenue information, and other vital insights. 

Asset maintenance

Integrating with smart parking assets allows us to provide important information to field staff. Broken meters are placed on mechanic itineraries, so personnel can view, resolve, and report ongoing actions in realtime using a mobile device. Customers may also request curbside closures using our public way permitting portal, and our Merge Curbside Management platform automatically provides meter-bagging instructions for field personnel. 

Asset collections

Our Mergcurbside management system makes it easy for parking enforcement personnel to know when cash was last collected from each meter, saving time and resources by eliminating the need to physically check every meter. 

Asset inventory

We make it easy to manage complex, often competing systems by integrating data from disparate sources and vendors into a single platform that can be used to inform data-driven decision-making. Our Merge curbside management system provides inventory control of networked assets including cameras, sensors, meters, dynamic message signs and payment apps, communicating policy changes and monitoring performance. 

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