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APTA 2021

Conduent Transportation is ready to bring agility to the
travel experience.

Let’s move mobility forward

Conduent Transportation delivers mission-critical mobility and payment solutions that automate, streamline, and optimize transportation operations. We’ll partner with you to cut congestion and create safe, seamless journeys for everyone. Together, we can transform the way the world travels, making it faster, easier, more efficient, and friendlier to the planet.

Our solutions include:

  • Fare Collection: Transit agencies and their riders deserve modern, sustainable, and equitable fare collection programs. We’ll help you deliver rider-centric travel experiences with easy-to-manage operations, more agility in data-driven decision making, and reasonable investments that meet your budget constraints.
  • End-to-end CAD/AVL Portfolio: When public transit runs on time, people are more likely to leave their vehicles at home. Our CAD/AVL solutions provide riders with a faster, safer, more reliable public transportation experience with improved efficiency for transit agencies.
  • Automated Bus Lane Enforcement: Cities are designating lanes for transit-only use to make public transit more efficient. Automated Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) from Conduent Transportation is an integrated, end-to-end solution that allows bus agencies to deter drivers from violating bus-only lane designations. We’ll help you increase the reliability of public transit, keep riders safe, and reduce congestion.

Let’s continue the momentum from APTA 2021 and move mobility forward together. Contact us today to set an appointment with an expert.