A recognised provider of WAVE and Ask for Angela training

Conduent Transportation have partnered with the Safer Business Network to become the provider of bespoke WAVE and Ask for Angela training to employees working in frontline public open environments, including parking operations and transportation services.

In response to a growing concern of violence against women and girls, Conduent Transportation has designed an extensive training initiative for its on-street parking civil enforcement officers in Oxfordshire, who were among the first in the country to participate in the “Ask for Angela” campaign to help vulnerable members of the public.

WAVE and Ask for Angela training

Training is now available to ensure that staff are adequately prepared to identify and respond to vulnerable people confidently. The Welfare and Vulnerability Engagement Programme (WAVE) provides education about customer welfare and vulnerability and is supported by Ask for Angela campaign materials.

About “Ask for Angela”

The “Ask for Angela” initiative was developed by Lincolnshire County Council to help keep women, on a night out, safe from violence and other threats. Women can discreetly seek help by approaching a hospitality industry staff member or enforcement officer and “Ask for Angela.” This code phrase indicates that the person is in need of help.

Course details

Who is this training for?
This training applies to anyone who works in the public domain within the transportation sector. Training will be customised to the role it is being applied to.

When and where is training held?
Training can be booked according to availability and will be held at your premises.

Course summary
WAVE training aims to increase the skills, knowledge, and confidence of those working in licensed premises when identifying vulnerability and making appropriate interventions.

  • Learn the history of WAVE and Ask for Angela
  • Understand the definition of vulnerability
  • Explore factors that make people vulnerable
  • Identify and recognise vulnerability
  • Explore where interventions can be made to reduce vulnerability
  • Identify appropriate interventions to reduce harm

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